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Our Trainees

My name is Eliza Tivadar and I am a third year Theatre and Performance Studies student at Warwick University. I am a foreign student who came to England three years ago, knowing nothing about this country but with no fear and full of hopes. I wanted to study drama and I needed a world that accepts drama not only as a passion, but as an academic subject as well. Becoming an RYTC trainee is not only about my degree but about my vision. I have always belived and will always believe in art. Art for the art’s sake. Creativity is the way through which the world opens up to us and makes us who we are. What I want to do is to help people realise how important the aesthetics of the world are. One of my favourite authors once said, “We live through mystery and for revelation”. It might not sound as good in English, but the point is there; if we want to get to know the world and ourselves, we can only do it by creating. I joined The RYTC in order to help the world create. To enable everyone to taste the arts, breath the arts and feel the arts, no matter of the background, education, or class.
Eliza Tivadar - Warwick University Student
Reece Davis - Leamington LAMP

My name is Reece and I am a 17 year old student currently studying at a small college in Leamington. I like to write, and am interested in most creative arts such as english, music and photography.