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Memories of Modger


Memories of Modger

This is Modger’s story and one which follows a whole host of characters in Modger’s roller-coaster ride through her early life in inner city Birmingham. This is a play portraying the life of a young girl, born into a struggling working class family, with 5 older brothers. Modger’s existence depended on her having to make do with hand-me-downs from her brothers. She was taught to fight, just like her brothers, who were all boxers. Life was tough on the street and Modger got into her fair share of scrapes along the way. However, she soon found that it was better to see the funny side of life, even when the going got tough.

‘Memories of Modger’ is available to tour in schools, theatres, old people’s/care homes. It is available as a stand alone show or accompanied by a workshop of any length requested by the booker (minimum workshop length 1/2 day).

Modger can be an Arts Award project (youth audience) which enables the participants to achieve a Discover or Explore certificate.

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