The Really Youthful Theatre Company


The RYTC has developed a unique traineeship programme that provides students with career start opportunities in the performing arts.

The traineeship lasts for 12 months and is part time and flexible to fit around the student.

Any questions or expressions of interest should be headed ‘trainee’ and sent through the contact form with trainee in the subject box.

1-year Traineeship

The RYTC Trainees programme is a one year industry training course, for adults 18+.

From the beginning of the traineeship the trainees will be booked 'professionally' into any paid work on offer that match their existing skills (and help those skills to grow). Also all trainees will start with and be encouraged to explore a key area of interest which will become their personal project.

Production technique will be the focus for learning and development in phases throughout the year.

Phase one will be the development of acting skills for those trainees who want to go to drama school the following year. This includes working on monologues and preparing for filming show reels.

In phase two the focus will be project planning and development. This is particularly for those who want to run their own shows, aspire to head of department or management or perhaps want to run their own company in the future.

Sessions will include

  • project planning
  • budgeting
  • funding and sponsorship (sources and language to use)
  • marketing (including e-marketing using Mailchimp as a sample tool)
  • working in partnership

The third phase will focus on any other areas that the trainees would like to cover in the gap year with the RYTC. Further practical acting work can be included in this phase.