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The Adventures Of Snuffer and Robertson (Book 1)

The Adventures of Snuffer and Robertson is a page-turner that will take you and your child on an unforgettable ride through the woods. It is the first in a series of books specially designed with fun rhymes and images that your child will love to colour while they’re learning about true friendship.

Story Overview

Robertson’s a collie dog and Snuffer is a rabbit; unlikely as it seems to be, their friendship is a habit. Robertson’s a wise old dog but Snuffer’s NOT so wise, so our Snuffer takes the prize when it comes to silliness. He wants his friend to stick around and fill each day with fun, Snuffer LOVES adventures, when all is said and done. But Snuffer does such silly things, he’s always in such trouble, that Robertson must jump right in and sort out every muddle.

Why Should I buy this book?

Not only will your child be engaged and have a lot of fun, but all proceeds from this book go to children’s art and drama therapy charities in the West Midlands! Buy this fantastic book now and help more children today!

Where Can I Buy?

You can order the paperback on Amazon for £6.99 or the ebook here.


The Adventures of Snuffer and Robertson was birthed from a partnership between the RYTC (Really Youthful Theatre Company, Education Selection Box, and The Learning Genie Club.



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