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RYTC Services

RYTC Services - Creative Therapy

Creative Therapy

At the root of each of our classes, projects, and workshops, lay therapeutic practices that combine creativity with mental health support.

Shows, Workshops & Classes

All of our shows are original scripts, designed to be top quality entertainment.

Some are linked to the school curriculum.

Some are the RYTC’s innovative approach to addressing a range of topics and issues.

 RYTC Online Academy & Springboard

Our online courses were developed to closely resemble the ethos of the RYTC in an accessible digital format.

Courses are available for all ages and ambitions and offer the opportunity to broaden horizons through internationally mixed groups.

With Springboard, we create opportunities for emerging local talent to begin their professional work in theatre, film, and music projects.

Team building

Make connections and strengthen the bond between peers or coworkers, to boost collaboration in a creative way.

RYTC will design bespoke options according to your team’s needs .

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