Working With You

With Schools

We offer online and in-person opportunities for students to develop their creative abilities in a supportive environment.


  • On tour shows
  • Workshops
  • Projects & courses (that result in a final performance)
  • Play in a day, week or term (for children to choose the topic of interest or issue that they want to address and we provide a safe setting for them to explore it creatively)

With Businesses 

We offer

  • tailor-made shows and workshops for schools on business-related themes
  • training and workshops for employees in public speaking
  • team-building initiatives.

We also offer adopt-a-student or adopt-a-school sponsorship opportunities.

With Communities

We bring local communities together with bespoke storytelling projects, personalised for the needs of your area.

With Families

Our mentors are devoted to helping your family or student with therapy, counselling, and mentorship. We’re here to provide the support your family needs so your student can build a strong base in their creative field. 

For an example of our therapeutic projects click below.


With Partners

We often collaborate and partner with similar organisations from around the world that operate with the same vision and values.


Collaborating with

Our Partners

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